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Friday, December 04, 2009

Kolin, baby, Kolin!

It's pretty amazing to be able to do this in public schools. Exit Tour happens in local high schools as a prevention program, during the day there are seminars about drugs, smoking, sex, aids and relationships, World War II, cults, English, etc. Students are then invited to programs that local youth groups put on in the afternoons and the whole thing culminates in a weekend rock concert where they share the gospel. Above, playing a name game during the English seminar before moving into the "Reality Show Challenge."

Kakushe (red hair, black shirt, center) and Eva (red shirt, thumbs up, right) and I went to Kolin to help out with the Exit Tour for a few days at the end of October. Our part of the Tour was helping with the English/American seminar: translating and beefing up the Kolin youth groups. I'm so proud of Kakush and Evi for the way they served and loved the students. It's pure joy for me to be their friend and co-laborer. Above is the Exit take on "Project Runway."

Dizmas and us. A big part of it is DIZMAS (click here for more!) a rock band all the way from Cali spend a few months in Czech. They play in schools during the day (see video below), in the city at night and share Jesus Christ always.

Lauree, Becca, Daniela...some of the team that make Exit Tour possible. I love you ladies!



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