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Monday, February 25, 2008

What's so great about Amerrrrika #1

Of course, you had to know this was tops...I love my family like crazy!!!

the Cox boys and Jacob's pillow fort

how it all started: Mom and Dad and Cheetoes luv

me & the Cramer kids!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That little girl is a doll. I'd buy her in the perfect little girl store for sure!

So glad you're enjoying all the great things about America

Andrea Pitcher

2:34 PM

Blogger jon and erin said...

we wish we were around to hang out with you and be some of your favorite things! We miss you!

7:42 PM

Blogger Leah said...

Andrea--oh, yeah, she is precious and super sweet tempered, too. Thanks for appreciating Miriam with me!

Woodards! I miss you too! Erin, I make your fajitas ALL THE TIME now--thank you for the recipe. :)

1:48 PM


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