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Sunday, December 06, 2009

make new friends/but keep the old/

one is silver and the other's gold/
Eva and Kaja during a sleep over. Kaja went to the same school as Naomi and since camp this summer has been a sunny part of our gang :).

Naomi, Hanicka, Alca (plus "Bonus" the baby!), Sabina and Eva at our ongoing VIP parties, every other Sunday evening. Girls only, hahahahaaaaa...

Jozef, Leni, Jura, Martina and Bara during an after camp scavenger hunt. Leni is a dear old friend, and her extra fun classmate Martina has fit right in--it feels like we've known her forever...and Bara is an amazing young woman, kind and brave.

Old friends Martin and Martin at the Pisek Thanksgiving party. We love these guys!



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