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Friday, June 27, 2008

Coufals' Retreat, or How the Women's Ministry Team is Pregnant with Metamorphosis

Lucka and Radka, Olomouc in the background. I love these ladies and am thankful to have gotten to serve with them these past years. Each one was an example to me of leadership, hard work, sacrifice, wisdom, grace and beauty. Both will be working in the public sphere as well as continuing to serve in the church. May God bless them in the next season of their lives!

Petr and Agnes, looking into the future (or watching the Jumping Drums concert). Agnes (who's due at the end of the summer!) is going strong with the Eva Eve (Eve to Eve) project. Several years ago, she picked up a copy of The Bride Wore White and started doing girls' purity retreats with Dannah's material. She eventually co-authored and edited a book, Eva Eve, about purity by Czech women, for Czech girls. She then changed the retreats to coordinate with the book and started training regional counsellors: women who teach at and organize the weekends.

Zuzka, a young woman who was part of the Staz program this year (left, with Marketa) just came on as a regional counsellor. So even though the womens' ministry team is technically ended, Eva Eve is taking off. Please pray for Agnes, Zuzka and this ministry.



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