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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

English Winter Camp 2009

Winter English Camps are always fun, but this one was special. Again--I know I say this every year--it's not fun to travel 7+ hours Dec 26th to end up in cold cabin for 5 days, BUT at the end it's ALWAYS worth it. Big thanks to Nicole (4th from L) who came all the way from Elgin to help teach English and be with people...and a special thank you to Tammy (2nd from L) who came from Western Bohemia to help too. :)

Jana, Eva and Jozef acting out the parable of the unmerciful servant. Eva co-lead--for the first time--this camp with Jozef and did an awesome job taking responsibility and giving her evening talk.

Zuzka, Houba!, Iva...winter camp gives us the chance to catch up with students who are either far away or too busy to be with us.

Hanicka, Kakushe, Gabi, Martina...we loooove these girls...

Martina, Zuzka and me in the kitchen. So, the first 2 days we didn't have water at this cute little cottage and I was in charge of food. If you know me, you know that I like to be hygienic, and knowing how poorly washed the dishes were as well as having 25 people just going--you know--wherever outside, and that handwashing was a luxury...I got a little tense the second day. I'm thankful for clean running water. :) And that I don't have flies falling from my ceiling. And MOSTLY that EWC was a place for hearing and experiencing God.



Anonymous Cassie said...

yay for hanging in there during an un-hygienic moment--i can relate :) and oh i am so thankful for how God's moving in your sweet group. i'm encouraged, le-i. really, really encouraged!

5:59 AM

Blogger Leah said...

Not long ago I saw some pics on fb from a girly event in Sumperk--your legacy lives on Cass; you and Trev are my heroes.

3:58 PM


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