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Monday, April 05, 2010

missionaries from CZ

I met Natalka at Cesky Tesin camp in 2005. After the summer she contacted me about giving her brother English lessons, and both of them ended up coming to English Club. Around that time my friend Zuzka approached me about leading a Bible study together, and Natalka came to that. Because she was from a village she usually came early and stayed the night (with her crazy cousin Ania :). Natka became one of my favorite people. The next year, the two of us led a Bible study together and she started co-leading her church's junior high youth group and discipling girls in her village.

When she graduated high school in 2007, she decided to go to a Bible college in Slovakia to study missions and continued to serve in her church. Last summer she went with OM (Operation Mobilisation) Now she's in the midst of writing her bachelor's thesis paper and raising support to be a missionary in Nepal for a year. Her steadfast love for Christ, uncomplaining, sweet spirit and passion for discipleship will make her as fruitful among the orphanages and remote mountains of Nepal as she has been in Terlicko. If you have any interest in supporting Natalka Fojcikova, please click HERE!

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Anonymous Cassie said...

This is SO awesome! Natalka sent us her letter, and wow... I'm just so impressed by her step of faith. SO impressed!!! This has to be so encouraging for you to see too :) :)

7:34 AM

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