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Friday, June 18, 2010

very important peeps: secret identity overnight 4/23-24

Hayley getting a hand massage from Irca and Eva. The first night, Amy challenged us to think about how we form our identity--by what we hear from others, media, friends? Is that who we really are or who we should be? We had discussion groups and one girl later confided that she'd never thought about these things before and that the talk and discussion "hit the nail on the head" for her. Then we spa-ed it up with massages, facials, a lots of laughing.

Zombie Kakushe and Martina attacking Gabi, the original VIP.

Breakfast--Jane (Naomi's mom) and Milena (Bara's mom) graciously agreed to take care of meals for the weekend. The teaching was powerful for them, too.

Amy teaching, Lydia translating. Amy talked about how God sees us and who we are in His eyes, and then read Max Lucado's You Are Special--that book makes me cry every time! At the very end we wrote encouragement notes to each other.

Eva and her small group. What a great weekend! We got closer to each other and the Lord, and many of us began to see the promised land--living in the freedom and security of God's deep love for us, regardless of appearance, performance, personality... :)



Blogger Jana (Agnes) said...

Liuška!!! Thank you thank you thank you! You encourage me everytime! Thank you for writing about all God is doing around you. This weekend must have been a blast and I am so thankful you keep it going! You are such a blessing to all of us. I miss you and want to see you "one day soon".Agnuška (Remember the little blue bag (chinese design) you gave me? Klara now has it and loves it.:-))

8:22 PM

Anonymous led panel said...

very good!

8:30 AM

Blogger Jennifer said...

girls are so cute here in your pictures ..

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