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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sumperk English Camp: our family group

(clockwise: Charlie, Natalka, me, Petra, Pavlina and Whitney) At Sumperk camp, instead of having discussion groups based on English classes, they made "families" with a mom and dad. I was the mom, and the dad, Erwin, isn't shown because halfway through the week he got stung by something which resulted in a vein infection (yeah, ew). We often said we had the best family, because we had great (although sometimes tough) discussions and we really loved each other. Two of the girls came to faith in Jesus at this camp!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Natalka and Ania

These two girls have been faithfully coming to our CT girls' Bible study last school year, and I wanted to step up our discipleship by serving together. After talking to Trevor and Cassie, it was clear that me and "the Polish girls" would not only fit in at Sumperk camp, but because of their youth group's UNusual lack of teenage girls, our presence was needed. This whole plan, us going to serve at another English camp, seemed very unreal to me until the middle of June. It was then that the three of us went to Sumperk and stayed with Jana, one of the youth group leaders. They got to meet the rest of the camp team, and hear about some of the students who would come to camp: Sarka and Charlie (Kaja). We prayed for those two ever since.

I am so proud of these two! At camp, they served and loved the students and shared their lives and the hope that they have. Natalka and I were in the same "family group" and prayed with two of our girls to become believers. Ania shared the gospel with another girl, who later that night prayed by herself to receive Christ. And both Natalka and Ania grew in faith and godly confidence!

Saturday, July 15 marks the start of Cesky Tesin English camp. All three of us are on the team; please pray for us to give ourselves entirely to this camp and to continue on in love and faithfulness!!!

my sweet girls on the way home to Cesky Tesin