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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Details: what the heck I'm doing this summer

5/25-6/5 in Prague, with Greg and Brad's team in Ceske Budejovice and Kromeriz, and with Nate's team in Lovosice doing school visits and spending time with youth groups and students
6/5-11 Summer intern training at Malenovice
6/11-28 in Cesky Tesin, Ceske Budejovice, Letovice having team time and visiting schools and youth groups and students
6/28-7/6 Ceske Budejovice camp training and camp--at least, the first half of camp! I'm leaving early because of...
7/6-7/10 in America for Super Jen's wedding!!! Thanks to a good deal on plane tickets and dear Mel letting me take time off this summer, I get to be a part of S. Jen and Bob's wedding. Yay! And I get to see little Jacob, too!
7/11-25 go to Cesky Tesin camp training, Cesky Tesin English camp and after that, follow up in town
7/26-8/7 Letovice camp training, camp, and a day of follow up in town
8/7-12 a day of rest, and then to Prague for debriefing and the interns fly home

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Why Europe Rocks: Reason #4

The Silesian Girls' Youth Hostel

I love having visitors; it's so fun when people stay, like when Jo and Estelle came, or when the girls from Moody were here, or when random youth group girls or other girls passing through come and stay at our ghetto-chic flat. Since January, we've had at least 19 girls stay at least one night with us. Even though I get uptight about clean sheets, I'm so thankful to be able to have an open home!!! So come visit!


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Everything you wanted to know about English Camps but were afraid to ask


(side note...it took me a while to figure out what "faq" means, but now that I know I'm all over it. I think I'll even start expanding the usage of the word and make it an adjective. For example: "Did you see Martina Pixova's new haircut? It's hot--completely faq." ...okay, that's all.)

"How long are camps?"--One week, Saturday to Saturday. In Czech we have 3 camp terms: July 2-9; July 16-23; July 30-August 6. This summer there will be 18 English camps.

"Is there follow up for the kids who go to camp?"--YES! Each camp is done in cooperation with a Czech church and youth group, and each of the Czech camp teams have been trained (see the below pics from the camp training weekends in Feb) and have been meeting and praying and getting ready and know that they're making relationships with unbelieving students that should grow throughout the year.

"Do the students know English camps are Christian?"--YES!!! It's on all the flyers and posters: "Christian evening program" and whenever we go and do promo stuff in schools, we always say that we talk about spiritual themes and the Christian faith as part of camp. I really don't know how anyone could come to camp and not know it's Christian (although that sometimes happens).

"What happens at camp?"--Each morning after and optional devotional time and breakfast we have English lessons in small groups for about 3 hours. Then there's lunch and free time and then some kind of organized sports or activities. After dinner, we have a big evening program with games and singing and dancing and stuff, and each night the main speaker(s) talk about the camp theme. The theme this year is Revolutionary Love (based on the song by the David Crowder Band). Then we have discussion groups with our English classes and some night games or activities.

Actually...there's a ton that happens at camp aside from just the daily structure. The gospel is being shared, by word and deed. Many students say that the love they feel at camp is unlike anything they've known. There's mutual discipling happening between the Czech and American believers. Deep friendships are being formed, and some the the Americans discover a love for or call to missions. Often the American youth groups go back inspired to be more bold in their faith and the Czechs more encouraged to persevere. There's a ton of synergy that happens during and because of that week together.

"Is that you in the blue box?"--Yeah, it is. I feel honored to be internationally sported on chests and backs this summer.

"Do you have milk in Czech?"--Okay, it's not about camp but I thought this was funny. The second runner up question is, "What kind of weaponry do they have in Czech?" I think the best question I ever got, though, was: "Are people who live in Czech called Czechians?"

Any other questions you may have can be added as a comment on this entry. Thanks for reading through to the end! You are way faq!

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the best team ever

I am SO thankful for my Josiah Venture family, and the beautiful conference we had at Malenovice the last week in April. 160ish people, cute kids running around, beautiful weather, at least 10 different countries represented...how did I get so blessed to end up in this amazing collective? Only the kindness and graciousness of God!

Monday, May 16, 2005

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