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Monday, December 08, 2008

US Czech Invasion! Week 2: Chicago/land

Iowa was about making new friends, but Chicago was about reuniting. The infamous Kevin Clark (on the right) joined the boys at Bonnie's house for a few days. Kevin makes everything better!

With the Moody gang at Starbucks. Even though we haven't seen them since early spring, everyone picked right back where they left off.

Jakub with his entourage at the Czech Thanksgiving party Christ Community Church hosted. CCC and my church Elim have a deep and long relationship that made being in the Elgin area meaningful. We received a lot of love from them!

With James and the Blanchard gang in the city. We miss you guys! If I could steal you back from the Ukraine I would (sorry Ben and Kristy...kinda).

JV's Vision Night in Chicago was big and beautiful, and I was blessed that AmyL, Super Jen and Bob, Aunt Sandy and birthday girl Laurie all came. I love you guys!

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US Czech Invasion! Week 1: Iowa

Wednesday at Davenport North HS. The girls' dreams came true in the cafeteria :)

Girls Only! Dana, Miriam, me, Lenka, Eva, Zuzka chillin after Dana threw all of us a faboo sushi party in Iowa City.

Eva and Karen by the Mississippi. Our host families were probably what meant the most to us. Karen and her roommates Kelly and Vanessa gave up their bedrooms and slept in the basement so that we could have comfort and privacy.

With Christiana and Lucka. Christiana and her boys housed our boys and she and Lucka hit it off right away at the party Community Christian Fellowship hosted for us. Thank you Christiana and thank you Karl and Patty and the gang at CCF!

Leni and Eva in the mighty Mississip. Now they all know--Iowa rocks.

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...how it really was...

I loved having these guys in the States with me.

Before all of this trip to America started, I was worried about some things: what if something bad happens, what if I have to lay down the smack, or we get sick of each other or they're bored or I get all crabby, or I make terrible decisions, or, or...nope. None of that happened. Actually, it was almost perfect--the only thing I would change is that I'd make sure we spent more time with our host families. Eva, Jozef, Jarda, Zuzka and Leni were respectful, kind and thankful--they enjoyed everything and tried everything (even sushi) and weren't afraid to help out or speak up (especially in public). I was proud to be a part of them there, and I'm glad for the special bond we now have.

Pure blessings all over!

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