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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Jarni Probuzeni: Spring Girls' Conference

Thank you so much for your prayers!!! Below are some pictures from the weekend...I hope they help you picture it a little bit! I also wanted to included something from an e-mail that Amy wrote about the weekend, so you could read about it from another perspective...she describes it beautifully!

"I wish you could’ve been here with us….

to see girls from 8 different denominations enjoying fellowship with a oneness of spirit that only the Spirit Himself could’ve created

to dance a Jewish dance that broke down barriers and had girls smiling and giggling next to other young women they’d never met

to eat yummy desserts, try on homemade facials, and decoupage unique flower pots

to participate in worship that was free and heartfelt…arms lifted, faces radiant, voices ringing

to witness surrender as many, many young women, after our first session, came to the cross and while kneeling, wrote sins and lies that had been keeping them in bondage on pieces of paper that they nailed there

to rejoice with those whose eyes were opened to the lies they’d been believing for most of their lives as they confessed and turned to be healed!

to hear a young new missionary recount with great humility and candor her realization of the idols in her life and her journey to freedom.

to watch two young women, who were called to take a monumental step of faith, move with grace and beauty through a roomful of girls, loving them and basking in the fruit of their obedience.

But, in reality, you were here. We felt the power of your prayers on every front. The spirit was so sweet, and hearts were so open, and the Spirit Himself was so powerfully present, that it was clear to us we were bathed in prayer.

All we could say over and over again as we prayed this morning, was “Thank, You…Thank You….Thank You…faithful Father.” And thank YOU for joining us in this. We have a clear sense that this is only the beginning of something new God wants to do."

Saturday afternoon, most of the 120 of us (some had to leave a little early) Posted by Hello

Ela and Lucka led us in learning a Jewish dance Posted by Hello

Jewish dancing on the terrace at Hotel Malenovice Posted by Hello

worship during the evening program Friday...the beskdy mountains in the background Posted by Hello

amy teaching and katka translating Posted by Hello

Amy preaching Galatians 5:1--don't let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery! Posted by Hello

homemade face masks, anyone? Posted by Hello

yes, we're going to smear this on our faces!  Posted by Hello

decoupage Posted by Hello

Sona explaining how to do decoupage Friday evening Posted by Hello

girls from Cesky Tesin loving Amy's cookie bars Posted by Hello

katka and i about ot make an announcement or something Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 14, 2005

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Why Europe Rocks: Reason #3

25 cent ice cream.

I don't actually like ice cream (because of that unfortunate experience with McDonald's soft serve in 1998) but I do appreciate a deal. And this particular place has cantaloupe flavored slurpees, too...yesssss...


Monday, April 11, 2005

english "class" with the karvina kids: iva, pavlina, ika; honza and david Posted by Hello

iva: the new magnum girl? Posted by Hello

darling jacob thomas cox entered the world march 22...look at those cheeks! yay megan and tom! Posted by Hello

Friday, April 01, 2005

Spring Girls' Conference!!!

April 22-23. Hotel Malenovice. 120 girls and young women. One day. Ahhhh! The title of the conference is "Spring Awakening" (Jarni probuzeni). Amy Ellenwood, the main speaker, will be talking about freedom: getting free from lies (especially satan's lies about who we are), believing truth and living free in our relationships.

On one hand, this is a pretty small, simple thing...24 hours, a bunch of girls, no problem. BUT, Amy and the seminar speakers are all essentially talking about freedom, and you know the enemy of our souls would love to distract and destroy in any way he can. Our desire for this confrence is that it would be a spiritual marking stone in each of the girls' lives...that they'd be set free from lies and sin, that they'd encounter the Lord Jesus in ways they hadn't known him before, that they'd love him more...he loves them so much, and they have to know that. Man...all I want is to see young women all walking free and tall, secure in who we are in Christ, believing Him, being instruments for grace and healing and truth to those around us.

Some ways that you can pray are:
*Please pray for protection and the leading & empowerment of the Holy Spirit for Amy (the main speaker) and Tamara (leading worship) and her band and the seminar speakers (Agnes, Pavlina, Sonja, Hanka, Marnie) and for Katka and I. This month is especially intense for Katka, who's in the midst of moving and has been handling a lot of details. Please pray for her!!!

*My mom and I were praying on the phone a few weeks ago, and one of the things she prayed was that there'd be a safe atmosphere during the weekend...please pray for that with us, that the young women there would create a spiritual synergy that the Lord would use to spur us all on to love and good deeds, that we'd be able to throw off everything that entangles and hinders and are cheered on by the great cloud of witnesses...please pray that they'd come with prepared hearts.

*For me, personally...I know how I get when I'm stressed out with details, and I really wanna have everything prepared so that during the conference I can focus on people. For sure, things will come up, but I just wanna be peaceful and present during the conf, and not wigged out and distracted and unable to interact normally.

Praise God for:
*Katka for her hard work and creativity and partnership. She's a gem! Without her, this conference would not be. She's been so responsible and fun to work with. For Amy and her encouragement and truth-speaking and guidance...I'm so grateful! For Agnes' ideas and enthusiasm. For Cassie and Connie and Andrea and Laura, who were important encouragers at the JV women's retreat.

*Putting it on some hearts to give towards this!

*All the biggest details are done!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!

Thank you again for joining with us in praying for this! I am SO THANKFUL for you!!! May God bless you all.

snowy katka with hotel malenovice in the background Posted by Hello