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Monday, February 25, 2008

What's so great about Amerrrrika #1

Of course, you had to know this was tops...I love my family like crazy!!!

the Cox boys and Jacob's pillow fort

how it all started: Mom and Dad and Cheetoes luv

me & the Cramer kids!


What's so great about Amerrrrika #2

I don't mean old like old, but like LONG TIME. I love you Tamera, Super Jen, AmyL, Sherry...and I miss you Joey!...and I'm also super glad that I got to spend time with newer old friends like Emily J and Karen T... I love you guys so much. I'm thankful that I can walk with you, even from afar.

Bex, Mom, me and Tamera at my high school graduation (1993). Tam and I have been friends longer than we haven't!

Sarah, Johanna, me, Jen and AmyL at my birthday in RJ Boar's, circa 1997.

Adam, Sherry and Sara at Cedar Campus, 1996.

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What's so great about Amerrrrika #3

*Time with the Quad City body. One of my goals was to connect with Adventure and CCF and thanks to their open hearts and arms I got to. I love you guys very much!!!

Part of the Adventure youth group...Travis, Kristina and the Allens are very rad; it was a blessing to be able to jump in and experience the way they love and serve students. Shine on, you crazy diamonds! (yeah, see #4)

The "Girl Scouts" (great nickname, Bernie) acting out a skit. These cuties have grown up through CCF's amazing Awana and Bernie, Ginny, Theresa and Jake are leading them into diggin God's word. Keep on truckin!

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what's so great about Amerrrrika #4

*Last and Least--Sounds from my growing-up hood

Robert Palmer, Led Zeppelin, Bonnie Tyler...on the way back from hanging with the girls at Super Jen's, I constantly flipped between the classic rock, pop and 80s-90s stations. It totally took me back to the days of dances in the McKinley cafeteria, trying to be tuff with my Jr High friends, listening at night to the hand me down clock radio with the glowing hands from Gramma Cox...for a trip down memory lane, here are some of those videos:

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Addicted to Love

Ramble On


wuzza goin on

Sorry, the comeback of the Italian accent is probably due to the fact that last year at this time the JV ladies were in bella Roma *sigh!* Amy Lawlor, where art thou?

Okay, in case you're wondering, here's what's up:

March 3-7: Internship seminars in Pisek: Ephesians and Old Testament Survey
March 12-14: Moody students in Strakonice!
March 28-30: Women's Min team retreat
April 10-18: Staz/Internship mission trip--I'm going to Ukraine, baby! More to come, but all the students and leaders in the program are dividing up and going to serve in three different countries: Ukraine, Romania and Albania. Rock on.

...otherwise, the Internship program is Tuesdays and Wednesdays, English club is Wednesdays, I teach English Thursdays and Fridays and there are always random meetings, normal life stuff :)...