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Sunday, July 29, 2007

camp #3--Cesky Tesin!

Before the students arrived, our Czech team and the Grace Church of DuPage team spent some time working out details and getting to know each other.

I love these guys so much! Eni & Natalka from our Bible study, Lucka, Maja, Halina, Gabka, David and Laura from Grace. So far (today's the first full day of camp) things are going great and there's a sweet feel to this group, really open and friendly. Please pray for students to know the love of God in Christ.


Strakonice Camp!!!

Our rockin' class (minus Jura our rockin' translator): Dan D, Luky, Jarda, Jon, Boreck, Lucka, Aubrey and Misa. This camp started out kinda rough for me, but was more than worth it at the end when some students were found by Jesus.

Up close and personal: Dan D, Jon, Jarda and Luky. These boys were so stinking funny. Who can forget our rousing game of "Do you want to buy my donkey?" or Christmas at Jura's or our class wedding... *sigh* oh, the memories!

Me and sweet Eliska! Please pray for all the seeds scattered that week to grow and bear fruit!

Darling Jarka and Irena. Also, please pray for those who are still thinking things over, reading the Bible and spending time with the youth group. Thank you!


Strakonice Follow Up

What is it, Follow Up?
It's the time after camp (Saturday to Tuesday) when everyone goes home, the American team is housed with different students and the fun continues. The point is to take the camp atmosphere into real life, for the Americans to become acquainted with Czech culture and to build bridges into the youth group and church.

Saturday evening we went to a pizzeria and played in the courtyard of the Strakonice castle, Sunday was church and games. Everyone ended up at our building (where Alca and Martin and now I live). There were kids playing mafia in my apartment, Dutch Blitz at the Pospisils, and general hang out in the garden out back. Later on we also watched Exit 316 and had a good discussion.

Monday we took a trip to Ceske Budejovice, shopping, sightseeing and chillin in the park.

Leni, Zuzka, Iva and Jana

Saying goodbye to the Blanchard Road and Soma team in Prague on Tuesday... :( We love you guys!!! What Aubrey? I can't hear you!!!


Friday, July 13, 2007

...gearing up for Strakonice camp...

Eva, Anna and Kaakuse. Eva and Kaakuse gave their testimonies the last night of training and then led us in singing some Czech worship songs...it's amazing how the Lord saves people. Kaakuse gave her life to Christ during a biology lesson in the fall after camp last year and now has a big heart for her friends to come to Christ.

Jura & Jozef, the brothers (or brethren, hey Jenny Winters?) Jozef became a believer about 5 years ago and Jura last August. This year there are many siblings of believers who'll be at camp; please pray for whole families to come to know Jesus.

The whole Strakonice camp crew hanging out in the foyer at Malenovice...both the IL team and the WA team are both super fun to be with and extremely loving, I can't wait for students to enter into that at camp (the whole camp will be about 90 people). Please pray for we who are serving and the students coming to camp, for protection and love and that the Spirit would move. Thank you!

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Monday, July 09, 2007

české budějovice camp 2007!

This camp was really special because of the LOVE that was everywhere...it was almost tangible, and definitely visible. Both the Ceske Budejovice youth group and the Arizona team did a great job of carrying responsibility and caring for people.

Our English group during evening discussion. The openness at this camp was also unique; our class wanted to meet during free time to talk about spiritual things (in all of my 30+ camps, that's a first)...this year the evening talks at camp were all about Jesus and it was fun to introduce him to students from the first day. It reminded me of how much I love him, how much he loves me...and how much he loves all those kids. About 3 students put their trust in him this week, and we're praying that others do too in the weeks and months to come.

Sarka and me and Kata. These girls are dear! Please pray for them and other students at camp who are considering the reality of the gospel, many of whom have heard it all for the first time and are beginning to read the Bible.

The 4th of July night, celebrated by karaoke. Most popular songs: "Summer Lovin,'" "No Woman No Cry," "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "We Are the Champions." Me, Hanka, Misa, Andrea and Anicka belting out a little "Incomplete" with the Backstreet Boys wannabes.

More camp pics!

My facebook album: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=33949&l=fc773&id=867570384

Radim's pics: http://zacinej.cz/autor/ec2007/index.html


Why Europe Rocks: Reason #25

A fox by any other name wouldn't be as hot...?

What you call attractive people, A Czech Slang Quiz:

1. Verca, in the picture above, is a pretty girl, you could say she's:

a) a puppy
b) a bird
c) a pony
d) a cat

2. If you see a nice looking young man on the street, you can holler that he's:

a) a jug
b) a doorknob
c) a root
d) a barrel

3. To express your appreciation for an attractive young lady, you'd say she's:

a) a blanket
b) a bone
c) an ocean of mystery
d) a piece of wood

4. Even though it may seem odd, you could call either Krecek or Luky, below:

a) a beauty
b) a blossom
c) a bon bon
d) a pink secret

answers: 1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a