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Sunday, June 28, 2009

the month in review: june

Holy cats.
So, the summer interns arrived on May 27th and life hasn't been the same since. The first thing we did was our JV version of the Amazing Race:

In Budapest acting out Batman. We also ate nasty super spicy pumpkin soup, balanced bats in front of a cathedral, interacted with carnies in Vienna. Highlight: hitchhiking in Slovakia.

The team! Nik, Dan, Lisa and me. Martin at this point is still finishing up school in Scotland. Highlights so far: sharing our testimonies, our 2 Corinthians study and our little vacation in Pavlov.

After a pretty intense week of intern training, my team and I hit the streets of Ceske Budejovice, Strakonice and Cesky Tesin doing:

School visits! Inviting students to camps and teaching conversational English in area high schools. Highlight: meeting Ewa Farna at the Polish HS in Tesin. As one boy told us "She's the Czech Hannah Montana." Or Avril Lavigne. Czech her out here

Manual labor! I love it! Here Eva joined us in Cesky Tesin and helped clean the youth leader's new apartment. Highlight: feeling good :).

Hanging out with students and youth groups! Here we are playing the monster game in Strakonice...

...and in Ceske Budejovice playing Jitka's foot game. Highlights: Carcassone with Dominik and the gang tonight, Nik falling into a ditch, meeting a girl who draws amazing anime, The Average concert at the Rokac...it's been so rich

Another fun thing we do is getting to know the people we'll be serving with at camps. Here, we're with Bonnie and Jon's team and part of the Strak team at the Strakonice castle after church last Sunday. Highlight: Kaakushe acting out Harry Potter and me thinking it's Star Wars. Generation gap?

Next week camps begin! This June has flown by, but it feels like eons since we picked up all the interns at the airport. I'm so thankful that we are on the same team and have gotten to live a lot of life together these past weeks. Today we washed windows at our church and hung out with some of the Strakonice gang. Tomorrow we'll go to church, take the train across the country for our work project. Tuesday begins US camp team training for our first camp, Ceske Budejovice, which starts on Saturday. Bring on July!

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