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Friday, June 17, 2005

Why Europe Rocks: Reason #5

International TV (warning: I don't know if this entry makes much sense)

Watching TV is so fun here, for multiple reasons.

1. The "guess the country of orgin" commercial game. Some of the commercials are dubbed poorly, so it's easy to tell they're not of Czech origin...and sometimes I try to guess the general location by how the actors in the commercial look ("Spain! Or uh, Italy?") or what the name of the product/company is...like Renault, France, duh. Knorr, Germany (?) What about Tchibo coffee? The actors look French, but the name seems not French. And that coffee tastes like potting soil.

2. Jackie Chan season. I've seen two Jackie Chan movies in the past few months by randomly turning on the TV. Even dubbed, he's really funny. If I watch too much, though, I just wanna start jumping around and kicking things. HeeeYAH! Watch out, Lucka!

3. The evening news. I was just talking to my sister Dana and she said something about China, and so I said, "OH! I think there were a bunch of farmers rioting in China...like, something about some electrical thingie in some village, and they were mad...it looked like civil war...well, I dunno." The reason I dunno is because I was trying to follow the news in Czech and I can never get the details right b/c "they talk too fast."


A Brief Pictorial History Thus Far:

Since the end of May, we picked up the summer interns in Prague, spilt up and visted our respective cities...I went with Greg and Brad's team to Ceske Budejovice (the home of Budweiser, in case you were interested) and then joined up with Nate's team in Lovosice. The Czech teams then joined all the other JV teams (headed to: Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland and Serbia) at hotel Malenovice for a week of summer intern training. Despite the incessant rain, it was a great week of teaching, worship, hanging out and connecting and lots of card games. Dave taught on the book of Romans and it was rich. Since then, the Czech teams hung out in Cesky Tesin for a few days and tomorrow I take off with G&B's team back to Ceske Budejovice.

kids coming to lovosice camp at simeon's pre-camp outreach concert: from foreground back: petra, lenka, jirka, jana... Posted by Hello

kids from lovosice baptist bustin a move to camp songs, flowing with the "i am somebody" motions, right on...right on Posted by Hello

dustin and the lovosice boys Posted by Hello

beautiful jitka chilling in the lovosice baptist youth group garage  Posted by Hello

nate's team PLUS (going clockwise starting with the guy in red) nate, luc, breanne, chris, ashley, jirka, dustin and our australian rock star friends: simeon and jodi! Posted by Hello

brad and greg's team: tina, brad, jahnel, greg, dada, me and kevin Posted by Hello

church picnic in ceske budejovice Posted by Hello

me, david and martina pixova in ceske budejovice Posted by Hello

kevin, "crazy" tereza and marketa in a chinese restaurant in ceske budejovice Posted by Hello