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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stáž /staaazhz/ explained

This word will pop up a lot in my blog this year, so I wanted to give you all a definition of what Staz is and what it means. This is loosely translated from Ken Pitcher's description on the Kam website.

Staz is a 9 month program designed for young leaders who have a heart for evangelism and discipleship. All of these young leaders are sent by their local chuches and must be involved in ministry. Many of the Staz students are a part of leading youth groups, worship, women's ministry or children's ministry.

Staz has three main goals.

1. Deepening Biblcal knowledge: Students will take part in biblical seminars once a month in Malenovice and will have year long teaching in their cell groups. The two cells this year are Vsetin (eastside) and Pisek (westside). Apart from that, they will have regular quiet times and memorize two verses a week.

2. Developing important ministry skills: Each student is involved in ministry in his or her home church and community. Students can also develop their skills in local evangelism, in regional Kam conferences and also in strategic ministries here and abroad.

3. Transforming character: Each student is part of a small group led by one of the Staz coaches, who holds him/her accountable in different areas. The Staz program is led by a committed team of leaders who lovingly challenge students in how they see themselves, how they communicate and anything relating to their lives.


the low down on the fall...

Daniela, Luc, Hannah E and David during my goodbye weeknd in CT...

What was:
Sept 7-9 Saying goodbye to Cesky Tesin! :(
Sept 11-12 Staz meeting in Brno
Sept 17-22 JV Fall Conference
Sept 25 BKam meeting (in English--Czech Josiah Venture BOHEMIA!)

What is:
nonstop meetings and parties!

What is to come:
Oct 1-5 First week of Staz in Malenovice
Oct 5 Camp reunion party in Ceske Budejovice
Oct 6 Camp reunion party in Tabor
Oct 9-10 Staz in Strakonice
Oct 16-17 Staz
Oct 23-24 Staz

TBD...English with students' parents...small groups with the Strak girls...outreach...and for sure more meetings and parties...bring it!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

childhood crushes

As Lucka and I were listening to a little Eminem in the car, I started thinking about all the boys--famous, fictional and furry--that I loved during my girlhood. So here's a little shout out to the fellas that made my heart warm with affection:

Oscar the Grouch. Even though he was crabby, I saw that underneath it all was a heart of gold.

The Greatest American Hero. I don't know what it was about him...maybe the hair. And the song. (Hey, who is that girl hanging on his shoulder, anyway?)

Oh, Michael! Billie Jean was my favorite song when I was in the 3rd grade, and my friend Jenny and I called him "the white knight" (????) and made up stories about his adventures, mostly, how he rescued us. I tried to look up his number in the phone book, and right before I dialed my mom told me that he didn't live in the Quad Cities. *sigh*

Pee Wee. Normally I'd be a little embarrassed to admit that I thought he was so cute, but I know Heidi O will back me up. There's something about a guy with a sense of humor: "I know you are but what am I?" "I don't make monkeys, I just train them!" "Dotty, there are things about me you wouldn't understand...things, you couldn't understand...things, you shouldn't understand" (saaaad...)

Mike Seaver from Growing Pains...eeeeee!!!! Nuff said!

Corey Haim (right)...I think it was the baby face, and his line "Death by stereo" from The Lost Boys.

Actually, as I think about this list (and the expanded version, with River Phoenix and Michael Hutchence from INXS, etc) it's sad to think about where these guys are today...I think Oscar and Kirk have fared the best. I seriously can't avoid moralizing, so here it is: Charm (dancing, singing, humor) is deceitful and beauty (button noses and curly hair) fades. The End.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Why Europe Rocks: Reason #27



JV Kids' Camp 2007

Caleb, Becca, Katka, Nina, Christina; Kelsey, Emili, Kylie

This may require a little explanation. Every year the fabulous Becca (above, with the white gold hair) puts on a camp just for the children of Josiah Venture missionaries, where they can be together and grow in their relationship with the Lord and have fun. You may think, like I did initially, "Oh, that's nice"--because it is nice, and also because you, like me, may not totally understand that it's way more than nice, it's necessary for these kids. They lead unusual lives, growing up in a culture that's not their parents': they're not typical Americans, but they're also not native to whatever country they live in. They have their own culture, and as such they really need each other--and Becca. Becca's ministry is to the children of Josiah Venture--from the babies to the teenagers--and she does an amazing job of caring for these guys. And she puts on one sweet camp.

The Journey group: Hannah E., Corey A. and Tyler P. After each of Andrea Pitcher's masterful teachings on prayer (the theme of the camp), I got together with Journey and we applied what had been taught. It was great being able to experience the hearts these three have for the Lord and I was blessed to get to know them better.

Singing and dancing by the sea...each night the Journey group led the worship and the program for the camp.