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Saturday, May 23, 2009

English Camps a-comin'

...and so are the summer interns! This Wednesday everyone joins up in Vienna to begin the Amazing Race that leads us into intern training at Malenovice. EEEEE!!!


Southwestern Bohemia Youth Conference 2009

Youth groups and individuals from at least 4 different denominations and several cities in this region came together for a weekend of worship, teaching, community service and hanging out May 3-5. The last night David Novak (a denominational youth leader) challenged us to come to Jesus and drink of the living water. At the front of the stage were pitchers of water and glasses and students went and drank as a symbol of taking a step of faith to receive from the Lord. Young people gave their lives to Christ and rededicated themselves to the Lord that evening, it was beautiful!


Eva Eve: Pisek Girls’ Weekend, April 24-25

We ate, we talked, we threaded beads, we danced around a firepit--pretty much your typical weekend de la femme.

But what was so special about this weekend was that the age range was toddler to grandma; finally generations got to mix it up, hear each others' stories and encourage each other. Sweet times!

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Why Europe Rocks: Reason #39

The Unbearable Uncertainty of Public Transportation

Monday, May 18

5:10--Emily and I leave apartment
5:30--get on bus to Jihlava
8:35--miss first bus, stay on bus, decide to catch bus from Brno, have a hot dog for breakfast with Klara
9:45--miss second bus
10:16--miss train
11:00--get into Brno, have to wait for next train which will get in at 13:47. Czech Embassy closes at 14:00. I call the number I have to see if they'll wait for us--the lady on the other end is not helpful.
12:16--get on train to Bratislava
13:35--call Autumn who's already there. She says she has to return to the Embassy in a half hour for her visa and will wait for us.
14:00--train gets in, Em and I run to the taxi.
14:15--Autumn, Emily and I all meet at the front door of the Embassy. Autumn gets her passport with visa and I beg the lady to please let Em and I get our visas. She's all smiles and helps us. !!!
14:40--say HI to Laura and run to take taxi to train station
15:00--get on train to Prague
22:30--arrive home to Strakonice! With our visas!!!