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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cesky Tesin Camp 2009!

This was a sweet camp--it was so good to be with the old gang again...

...and what a blessing to serve with the new gang--in two years some great students came to faith and have added a lot of love and energy to the Cesky Tesin youth group. Above Terka, Vita and Hannah set the stage for a skit before evening program.

The extended intern team (missing Lauree our greatest rockstar): Dan, Martin, Lisa, Naomi, Lydia, Leah, Nik, Eva. Three of our Strakonice foxes came to Cesky Tesin camp to serve with our team.

Making disciples who make disciples...Dee, Lisa and Eva (with Martin being a bit creepy in the background).


Why Europe Rocks: Reason #40

Seen in a restroom in Budapest--nuff said.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am somebody...

One of the staples of camp are these kinda lame (sorry, but let's be real) songs we sing with motions. Even though they're over 10 (15?) years old, I will always love them for the lyrics: "I am somebody/because God loves me/I'm accepted/just the way that I am/His love is higher, deeper and wider/than you or I could ever understand." Word.


Ceske Budejovice English Camp 2009

My crazy class! John Paul, Marek, Maca, Matej, Sam and the girls: Mira, Eliska, me, Tyna. We had vigorous discussions about animal sacrifice, dinosaurs and creation, free will and Jesus' deity. And we do some great "Taxi Driver" skits.

Marek and Karol, looking thoughtful. This year at camp we are presenting the gospel in the context of the whole Bible by following God's redemptive arc through creation, the flood, the prophets and patriarchs ad finally Jesus and his church. It's definitely challenging for the students (and the leaders) but it's also been good to know that they've really heard the full gospel.

Bara, me, Sarka. The younger members of the CB ministry team did an amazing job of sharing Christ with their friends over meals and late night talks. Praise God!!!


introducing: the interns! and colors the ball

Nik: 21, from Ohio, engaged to Minda and is majoring in youth ministry at Moody Bible Institute. Likes shopping, quoting Bon Qui Qui, ear candles and teasing. Dislikes Indian food, wasting time and mornings.

Dan: 21, from Wheaton IL, footloose and fancy free and also a Moody youth min major. Likes telling stories, speaking Czech, saying "No no no," singing and playing Carcassone. Dislikes having his toothbrush dropped in the toilet, nasal congestion and flakiness.

Lisa: 21, dating and is an el ed major from AZ. Likes running, sound effects, affection, chocolate and muesli. Dislikes unkindness, uptightness and too much white bread.

Martin: 21, from Blatna CZ studies IT in Scotland. Likes his super old Audi, all things Lonsdale, soccer, saying stuff with a Scottish accent and playing the recorder. Dislikes being teased about all the hearts he breaks, that MJ is has passed on and the food at Avia.

Leah: 34, from Davenport IA but lives in Strakonice CZ. Likes laughing loudly, clean floors, coffee talks, foreign food and dancing. Dislikes unresolved conflict, boring details and bad smells.