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Monday, October 27, 2008

Eva Eve: grrrls unite!

Lucka and Aubree illustrating "Eve to Eve."

Kakushe leading one of the sessions about safe sex and abstinence. She did an amazing job teaching! Alca was the leader of the weekend, and she stepped into it so naturally and beautifully, like she was made for it. Our little team was a source of joy for all of us.

Naomi and Hanicka reading the book Eva Eve as part of one of the sessions. For some of the girls, it was the first time they heard that waiting until you're married to have sex is a viable option, and that sex is more than just a physical act. They were also encouraged to take a good look at how they value themselves and to start thinking seriously about their priorities. Even for the girls who don't believe, they experienced a different viewpoint and were positive and open. Thank you for praying!!!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my churchie

10/12: Everyone chillin right before things got started at our first Sunday Strakonice Elim service. Jozef had a short devotional and Alca led worship.

During the break between worship and teaching. Martin taught about church as a family and our little group definitely felt like one. We'll meet like this once a month.

Our church, Elim Pisek. I became an official member on the 5th. :)

Kuba Jarda during his baptism service last Sunday in Pisek with our pastor Martin.

Tomas and Jura praying for Lukas during his baptism three weeks ago.


Exit Club 2008!

Pavel leading our first Exit club. It's great to work with him and the new team: Eva, Dominik, Lucka L. (and Jozef and Alca).

Kakushe, Houba and Zuzka at last week's Exit. The theme, "speaking the truth in love," generated good discussion.


Why Europe Rocks: Reason #36

Smart Europeans

Here Jozef is explaining something about something to Bonnie out of a geography book before Exit club started last week.


Pavel: Do you know how to say "kamzik" in English?
Leah: No.
Alca: It's a small deer, it doesn't have antlers like this [shows antlers on head] but like this [different antlers on head]. It lives in the mountains.
Leah: I'm from Iowa.
Jozef: Well, I'm from Czech and I know about tigers.
Pavel: Maybe you just call it "little deer."
Alca: [after looking in a dictionary] Here it is, It's "chamois," have you heard of chamois?
Leah: Ha ha ha! Uh, maybe that's British English*
Alca: [reading] "In America, chami." Have you heard of chami?
Leah: ...

*The phrase "maybe that's British English" works like a dream in almost all situations, fyi.


Monday, October 06, 2008

Josiah Venture's 2x3 Campaign

You are invited to JV's vision night! My Czech gang and I will be at the party in Peoria, IL on November 8th and on November 13th we'll be at the Oak Brook party. To RSVP, go here!

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2x3 Campaign

One Percent from Josiah Venture on Vimeo.


Getting their visas at the US Embassy in Prague...

Finshing the application forms in an early morning McDonald's at the Novy Smichov mall.

After waiting in line, going through security, waiting, being questioned, they all got their visas--USA here we come! (Also with us: Zuzka and Leni's moms and Jarda's dad.)