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Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

youth groove and gettin our camp on

Our new and improved Strakonice youth team! Jozef (not a cannibal) and Dominik; me, Kaakushe, Alca and Eva. I love these guys!!!

Part of our 2009 Strakonice English camp team: Dominik, Jozef, Kaakushe, Naomi, Jakub, Alca and me (with Nate and Jitka in the bkgd)


Ondra vs. mr.--the birthday party

The boys' birthday youth group--the intro to Ondra's song for Marcel. Smile Marcel!

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Why Europe Rocks: Reason #38

breakin' the law, Euro style: Michelle and me

Rumor has it that when the Obamas were in Prague this past weekend, Michelle caused a stir by not wearing nylons. Ha! Oh, Michelle, I know, I know. I personally hate nylons and cannot tell you how many times I've been called out for having bare legs during the spring or fall. When Monika got married, I went sans nylons and a Cesky Tesin granny touched my calves and said, "Dzuszko, kai mosz silonky?" ("Little daughter, where are your nylons?")

Michelle also got busted for hugging the queen of England. While I've never hugged royalty, I have MANY times hugged the wrong people and created awkward scenes. Like the time I hugged my new pastor, or a student's mom, or a teacher I worked with, an English student, uh...I dunno, I like people, I get caught up in the moment, I hug, I'm American and I'm Leah so, yeah, hugging. I would probably also hug the queen if we were talking about shoes and being girly like that.