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Friday, September 25, 2009

what has been up

Girl par-tay, girl par-tay...Kaakushe, Zuzka and Gabi modeling and making potato pancakes. They were super good, especially with stinky-butt cheese and sauerkraut. At camp this year we got to know some super cool people and are thankful to be friends.

Our JV Czech team (Kam) team building before JV fall conference officially began. [Author's note, I spelled "officially" 5 times before I got it rite. Write. Right.]

The Kam team in all it's beauty. At JV fall conference this year there were about 150 of us from 9 countries, and I would guess the median age to be about 22. What a joy to see so many national young leaders soaking up great teaching, encouraging and inspiring each other, and playing Estonian kiss tennis (yep, not a typo).

Right after Fall Conference, we from South Bohemia drove right to our English Camp Revival weekend and had a blast doing skits, singing [ha! Today really is typo day, I wrote "sinning"--and I just spelled "typpo"--ahahaha!] dancing, playing games...and we had great discussions. The Lord is soooo faithful to continue what he's begun in young people's lives! Above: Martketa, Paja, Verca and Karolina.

Pavel and Kaakushe as Mach and Sebestova. I wish I could explain it... :)

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Strakonice Camp 2009... !!!

The whole camp--ahhhh! I love these guys! This year's camp was a great mix of core students, old friends and a bunch of new faces.

Kaakushe and Ondra being cute.

We had reps from 3 different rock bands at camp so one night was a big concert...shown here is HI (aka, Hide Behind History) feat Naomi, Martin (below), Vaca, Petr. Also playing were Corsaires and The Average.

Dan tries Martin's emo rock star style...almost, Daniel, almost.

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Follow up, Strak style

After the big follow up party Sunday evening after church, we had a kidnapping mystery game. Lisa and the winning team of babes! From the left: Martina, Eva, Lisa, Gabi, Megan, Peta.

Jon, Luke and Dan show that they're tuff enuff even with Luke's busted arm. (Busted during the afore-mentioned game). Follow up can be ruff, boyz!

Monday night after the official end of follow up, unofficial follow up was still going strong--here's Nik and the ladies hanging out at our fave restaurant "By the Pope."

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I miss you team hotness

Dan. Lisa, Martin, me, Nik--after Strak camp and follow up, after debriefing in Prague (as shown) they all flew back to school and I somehow try to continue life without them. *sigh* They served faithfully, full on, tirelessly and funily (?). I still laugh when I think about Lisa pretending to be Jola, Dan quoting anyone, Nik being Ol Gregg, Martin being Scottish...o, the memories!



Why Europe Rocks: Reason #41

Sharing Europe with loved ones...!!!! Bex and Em came for 11 days of fun and food and travel and it was such a rich time--I love you and miss you ladies!

Bex in the Alps by Salzburg.

Bex and Em by the Charles bridge in front of Prague castle.

Me and Em being cool in Vienna.

Rollin with my homies in Strakonice!

One of Emily's many wins in the food dept. How come she got that and I got pickled hot dogs with onions?