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Monday, February 19, 2007

Why America Rocks: 4 Important Reasons

Jacob, Miriam, Max and Zeke...the cutest kids in the world, hands down (& I'm not biased...they're also all brilliant. And they're all secret super heroes...or maybe not-so-secret now, huh?) Fave Jacob quote: "Go Bears!" Hidden super power: Justin Timberlake impersonation...Fave Miriam quote: "shwush wush shh." (whispering while playing hide'n'go seek) Hidden super power: eating other people's birthday cakes...Fave Max quote: "Her face stinks." Hidden super power: cheese eating (as well as nasal sensitivity, apparently) Fave Zeke quote: "I like hugs in the morning." Hidden super powers: Kung Fu and swordplay.


Why Else America Rocks: the Fab 5

Sherry, me, Johanna, Amy & Jen at Joey's wedding, January 26th. I am so thankful for these strong, beautiful women and our friendships of 10+ years.


Moje Rodina

Gosh, I'm such a baby, I can't even think of anything cutesy to write because I'm stinkin' crying. I love you guys.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Women's Conference, Jan 5-6 2007

About 140 women gathered at Malenovice for our third annual Women's Conference. This year's theme, as mentioned below, was beauty, inside and out. One of the most beautiful things for me is seeing God at work...one young mother told that she hadn't wanted to go to the conference at all and even picked seminars that she thought would be the least applicable to her. Thankfully, she wasn't able to avoid the Holy Spirit, and said that after a several year break, she was going to go back to her local church.

Tamara and her band from Cesky Tesin led us in worship, and they rocked the casbah. Tamara (far right) as well as being an amazing Czech teacher, also sings in the jazzy folk band Alesanka. One of my favorite things about these conferences is women of all ages and denimonations together for a common purpose: growing closer to the Lord.

The team! From the left: Kaleen, me, Radka, Katka, Katka, Sharon, Agnes, Alca, Lucka, Brenda, Judy and Denise. Having the 5 women from Christ Community Church (Elgin, IL) was encouraging and fun. Judy was the main speaker and the other 4 ladies all led seminars. This year we had 10 seminars, the other 6 were led by Czech women from around the country.

Radka and Agnes then went on to lead the second Women's Ministry training weekend, Setkani, January 26. Please keep praying for women's ministry in the Czech Republic.