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Thursday, March 26, 2009

JV Ladies 09

Before the conference, I was feeling like a little butter spread over a big piece of bread (to paraphrase Bilbo Baggins--is it weird how often LOTR comes up in this blog?) I hadn't been so busy, but was still feeling worn. Spending time with women who understand meant sooooo much to me. Thank you Kristy (above, sharing about her life) for great talks!

And thank you Cassie (the foxy blonde sitting next to me) for serious encouragement. Between late night talks with Cass and the amazing teaching from Joyce and Jerri, I felt like a new lady by the time I left.

One of the tamer pictures: Amy, Lisa and Laura competing during game night. Believe it or not, we all got a little wild that evening...even missionary ladies need to let off steam sometimes, ahahhaaahhhhaaaa! :)


Mmmm, guilt.

Jerri to Joyce: are you wearing that?

I feel guilty most of the time. I have this idol in my head of "perfect Leah," she looks kinda like Jesus and kinda like me; she says and does what the perfect missionary/discipler/friend/servant/daughter/etc says and does. She's hard to please. When I don't do what she wants, I whip myself and bring her the guilt offerings she requires: more props, more time, more energy. She's a--you know. Jerk. But bowing before her is as natural as the most comfortable outfit.

At our JV conference, my eyes were opened thanks to Joyce, Jerri (above) and the Holy Spirit (all around). It's so simple, you know, taking off the old nature, our "old clothes," and being clothed with Christ. Duh, right? But when you've got on, say, an ick lavender outfit (above) you've worn forever, or guilt that has been your favorite sweatshirt for years, it's hard to do without. But that week I took it off--the guilt sweatshirt that actually binds like a straight jacket--and pray that I'll keep it off.

The real Lord Jesus (not the one who looks too much like me, small and petty with a beard) came and kicked my idol away. Literally kicked it, with his big bare foot. And he said, "There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ" and gave me a new sweatshirt of righteousness. It feels great and looks much better: like peace and confidence and outward-focused love.

My hand still reaches for the old guilt, though. I put it on the other day and donned it again this morning. And took it off. And lifted my eyes higher to see the real Lord.

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us 3

These girls are so great! I love being involved in their lives and am encouraged by their faith and service here--yay Emily and Autumn!!!

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Autumn's here!

...and is making tea. :) Autumn is started her 2 year term as a missionary March 5th and is studying Czech, serving in Vysoke Myto part time, and living with Emily and I part time. Originally from Chicagoland, Autumn is 27 and lived here for a year 2 years ago, and helped with Exit Turbo. We're excited she's back!

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Emily's here!

Yay! Dear Emily K. flew in February 16th from sunny CA to serve in Czech until the end of the summer. She's newly 21, has a rad laugh, is brave and loves the Lord like crazy. And she speaks Czech like crazy, too.

Ha! Maybe you can't tell, but her accent is really good. Emily will be serving in Cheb (like 3 hours west of here) during the weekends and also doing a day in Ceske Budejovice. I'm so excited to have her here; we all are!

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

to the JLP from Czech with fondness

I have a few addictions: coffee, pleasant smells, Full House and the John Larroquette Project. The first three are rather obvious, but some of you may not know about the JLP. It's this blog by a friend of my kins, and it makes me laugh out loud--well, sometimes it doesn't, but if JLP ever fails there're always the comments. Sometimes the adjectives are disturbing (like "supple") and sometimes the content is uncomfortable (like, animal hoarders) and sometimes you can find the a*word and sometimes he goes on about music that I haven't heard of, but overall I laugh just as much as I do at the antics of Stephanie and Kimmie Gibbler.

The reason why I'm writing this is because of a project we're doing for the upcoming JV Ladies retreat, to quote: "We will provide pretty A4 (that’s just regular sized European copier paper for those of you who may not know) sized notebooks for each of you, and we would like to fill it with something that you want to share with your friends. It could be:

A few new recipes that you’ve been enjoying
Some thoughts from a Bible study you’ve done recently
A Bible study that perhaps you’ve written and would like to share
A list of cool websites that you like to frequent
Money saving tips
Your favorite list of songs/artists/movies"

A cool website? Dy-no-mite. And then I knew I had to share the joy of JLP, specifically, the Michael Landon post. I tried to contact the author, but to no avail, so if you see him, could you please tell him that I properly cited JLP and am spreading glad feelings to missionary ladies all over central Europe?