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Thursday, January 03, 2008

english winter camp/ewc/2008

Dec 26-30. It's never easy fighting the post-holiday urge to veg, but it was totally worth it! This year's EWC was very fun and GOOD. The growth that I got to see in the young leaders was SO encouraging, and many of our dear Strakonice friends (like Zuzka, above) got to come. Please keep praying for the truth and love of Jesus to transform lives!

Close quarters, close community...the cottage was small but the love was large. It helps when everyone has fresh breath, too.


eeeeee! Coming Home!!! eeeee!

Yep, I'm a litle excited. I'll fly into O'Hare January 9 and fly out the same way Feb 8. ALSO, thanks to Greg and Mark Gold (with the help of Dana and Josh) I have a minivan to use while I'm home. HA! So, if you would like to hang out, please let me know, because I'm now mobile.